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Materials Histogram Search - Prospector

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“I recently noticed the return of the Histogram Search and was very pleased. Thank you for bringing back this very useful feature. I find it to be a great way to rule out outlying entries.” Pierre Dumas, Sr. Technical Representative, Nexeo Solutions Canada Corp.

By popular demand, we have re-introduced the Histogram Search in Prospector. This feature was available years ago in our CD-based version and when most UL IDES services moved to the web, we were unable to recreate the histogram at the time.

Now, with the help of new programming technology, when you run a Property Search on any numeric property, you will have the choice of either entering your min/max values like always or you search using the histogram. The Histogram shows a graphical view of the plastics data for a given property. For example, if you do a property search on Flexural Modulus, the Histogram will show you the number of materials that are available at each increment of Flexural Modulus values.

Histogram in Prospector Plastic Database

The beauty of this search is that it can aid your selection by making sure that you widen your search parameters to include the largest number of materials possible. In the example below shown to the right, you can see a graphical range of plastics with Flexural Modulus in the Prospector Materials Database. Please Note: The Histogram Search is included with an annual subscription to Property Search.

For more information, call 800-788-4668 (North America) or 0033 (0) 471 759 577 (Europe).
If you currently subscribe to another Premium Search in Prospector, you can add Property Search with the Histogram at a pro-rate price.