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Customize Prospector to Your Company's Needs

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We've developed ways to combine the power of Prospector's searches and datasheets with your company-specific data. Customizing Prospector to your needs will help you easily share business-critical information across your organization to reduce costs and help your employees find the right materials faster.

Custom Prospector Materials Database
  • Prioritization - bring your materials to the top of the results and even have multiple levels of prioritization.
  • Custom Alternatives - combines Prospector's proprietary Alternatives Algorithm with your company's materials expertise. It helps quickly answers the question, "My customer is using Competitor Grade 101 today, what is the best alternative we can offer them?"
  • Private Materials - enables you to integrate obsolete, experimental, and customer-specific products into your version of Prospector.
  • Integration - integrate Prospector with your company's systems by linking to inventory and pricing, as well as material-specific documentation.

To view examples of how your company can customize Prospector, Download an Overview of Custom Prospector.