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Prospector Materials Database

Prospector is a searchable online database that includes technical datasheets from 904 global raw material suppliers. Each datasheet includes property, processing and supplier contact information. Prospector is relied on by thousands of design engineers and plastics processors.

Data Sheet Services

With our datasheet services for manufacturers and distributors, you can provide your customers with powerful ways to search for your materials to view datasheets, UL yellow cards, MSDS, literature, product comparisons, and more.

"I've been using the basic version of Prospector for years and just upgraded to the Power Searches.
It's Night & Day ... and
it's a HUGE Time Saver!"

Design Engineer at a Medical Device Manufacturing Company

“The Prospector Materials Database is addictive - there is simply nothing like your product anywhere!”
Michael Sepe,
Internationally Recognized Injection Molding Expert

“Prospector is absolutely the best and most well known database for raw materials in the world.”
Birgit Elvardt Bader, Micotron