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Plastic Materials Management for OEMs

UL IDES provides off-the-shelf and custom OEM resin selectors for your intranet to help your organization increase process efficiency and reduce material spend.

Case Study  |  More information about Custom Prospector


  • Same Functionality as Prospector, Plus:
    • Approved materials search
    • In-use materials search
    • Up to 5 custom search properties (CAE or other data)
    • CAE export functionality
  • Reduce Product Cost
    • Share and reference internal product data
    • Shorten material selection process
    • Find alternative plastics
    • Locate new sources to purchase plastics
  • Faster Time to Market
    • Quickly identify approved materials for application use
    • Consolidate in-use materials
  • Improve Product Quality
    • Access information during product development process