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Our free technical webinars provide actionable information that you can apply immediately to your business, including design and processing tips, and proven methods to improve your productivity, efficiency and profitability. All webinars are free and last no more than one hour, including time for questions and answers. Signup for webinar email alerts.

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The Critical Nature of the Injection Unit to Molding Profitability
Tuesday, December 16th, at 11AM EDT (New York)
Presented by Michael Sepe

While a lot of attention is given in the injection molding industry to faster controllers and specialized processes, the fact remains that profitability in processing relies heavily on the design and the condition of the injection unit. Worn screws and barrels rob the industry of billions in revenue worldwide each year. Add to this the fact that general purpose screws are poorly designed for their primary purpose of achieving a homogeneous melt, non-return valves are inherently inconsistent, and injection unit specifications often do not provide the needed pressure to allow molders to operate competitively, and you have an area with immense potential for improvement. As usual, attention to detail in the fundamentals trumps flashy trade show marketing of "new" trends if only the industry will pay attention. This webinar outlines the problems with injection unit design and maintenance that the injection molding industry tolerates every day and discusses solutions


Alternatives to PEI and PEI Compounds
Thursday, December 11th, at 11AM EDT (New York)
Presented by RTP Company

Imagine compound technology that can effectively replace Polyetherimide (known as PEI or by the trade name Ultem™) in many demanding applications. Depending on the application requirements, RTP Company can compound various materials with additives and fillers to provide stability, strength, high temperature performance,chemical resistance, flame retardancy and colorability. Presented by RTP Company's Matt Torosian, Product Manager, High Temperature Materials, and Steve Maki, Vice President of Technology, this 20 minute webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Brief review of PEI characteristics and the global supply situation
  • The importance of identifying application requirements
  • Compound technologies based on more readily-available resins that offer similar material characteristics of PEI
  • Additional support available for making the material transition, such as on-site technical service during trials and CAE services including mold flow analysis, FEA and fiber orientation analysis
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    "What a great presentation that was today on Wear Resistant Technologies for Compounds. Our engineering department sat through it and we all learned something. You did a great job giving us useful information in a manner that helps us help our customers."
    Mike Miller
    Dir of Engineering
    New Berlin Plastics