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CostMate® Plastic Injection Molding Calculator & Part Cost Estimator

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CostMate® Plastic Injection Molding Calculator

Do you know the true cost of your Injection Molded Part?

The successful launch of any plastic product hinges on knowing your true costs and profitability before the job is started. Because injection molding typically involves large volumes of parts, small cost errors per part can compound to large cost errors over the life of the job.

Years ago, we developed CostMate®, an injection molding calculator, to help you accurately estimate the cost of producing an injection molded part. With capabilities that have been honed over many years based on feedback from molders, there truly is no better tool for estimating piece part cost. Consider these benefits:

Accuracy - CostMate® is the tried and trusted source for many molders who rely on it every day. Major cost drivers are considered including material, regrind, and machine costs. Scrap, rejects and regrind are also accounted for.

Speed - An estimate can be produced in a matter of minutes and quickly producing 'what-if' scenarios are easy. There are no complicated features to step through - everything is displayed on the screen to quickly fill out.

Convenient - There are no IT hassles setting up or running CostMate® because it is a 'hosted solution'. Simply login and go to work - from any computer at the office or at home. All of your quote information is kept safe and private by IDES.

  • Calculate profit based on total quote price or actual costs.
  • Add material quantities, profit & material cost per lb.
  • Generate a report of material price, machine & secondary costs, profit & total quote.
  • Specific gravity & maximum allowable regrind for materials is pulled in from Prospector.
  • Machine information includes name, cavities, clamp tonnage, shot site, setup, & more.
  • Adjust part volume & weight, sprue/runner & processing data (cycle time, scrap, etc.).
  • Fast track material pricing & availability to move production forward.
  • Save quotes.
  • Compare quantities.
  • Add secondary costs (shipping, packaging, etc.).

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