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Free Hardware Upgrade on the Industry's Leading Controller

ArticleFor a limited time, Husky is offering a free hardware upgrade to customers who purchase an Altanium controller with a Matrix user interface. With the purchase of an Altanium Matrix controller with X-series cards Husky will provide an automatic upgrade to XE-series cards, allowing users to experience the full range of additional benefits with no risk and at no extra cost.

Altanium Matrix controllers are a great choice for molds requiring up to 254 zones of control and offer comprehensive diagnostics with a user-friendly graphic interface. Altanium Matrix controllers also provide instant access to numerous functions with point-and-push simplicity.

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Medical Plastics Search

The Plastics Marketplace™

WebinarDo you have excess inventory, regrind or even scrap that you'd like to move? The marketplace is the right place to do it. Since we launched the Plastics Marketplace two years ago, it has become a trusted resource for thousands of buyers and sellers.

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Save Time & Deliver Better Plastic Products

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