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Designing & Prototyping with Plastics Articles by Brad Cleveland of Protomold

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Brad Cleveland, ProtomoldBrad Cleveland, President & CEO of Protomold
Brad Cleveland has been the president and CEO of The Protomold Company, Inc. since November of 2001. Prior to Protomold he was cofounder and vice president of AeroMet Corporation, a laser additive manufacturing company and subsidiary of MTS Systems Corporation.

About Protomold
From 3D CAD to real plastic parts in as fast as one business day.

Protomold®, a Proto Labs service, is the world’s fastest source for custom injection molded parts. The company fills a unique niche in the manufacturing of plastic parts, using a combination of advanced, proprietary software and sophisticated equipment to produce prototype and low volume runs of custom injection molded parts. The material properties of Protomold’s real molded parts surpass those of parts produced by additive prototyping processes.  At the same time, delivery is faster and costs are lower than those associated with traditional injection molding.

Further information can be found at www.protomold.com.

Brad Cleveland
The Protomold Company, Inc.
1757 Halgren Rd.
Maple Plain, MN 55359 - USA

Phone: 763 479 3680
Fax: 763 479 2679
E-mail: info@protomold.com