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Industry Experts

Designing with Materials

Glenn Beall, Glenn Beall Plastics Ltd.
Beall owned Glenn Beall Engineering, a plastics product design and development company, from 1968 to 1993, and after retiring from that company, he established and is currently president of Glenn Beall Plastics, Ltd., a plastics consulting business.

Gary Casterline, Casterline Plastics Consulting
Gary Casterline has worked in the plastics industry since 1968, spending time at a custom injection molder, a sheet molding compound molder and at automotive giants General Motors Corporation and Delphi Corporation.

Chul Lee, BASF
Chul Lee, an Applications Technology Leader at BASF, has been involved with plastics applications and developmental activities for the past three decades.

Gretchen Leighliter, Teknor Color Company
Gretchen Leighliter has 20 years of experience with plastics colorant technology. She manages the color laboratory at Teknor Color Company’s manufacturing facility in Lodi, OH.

Michael Sepe, The Materials Analyst
Michael Sepe's involvement in the plastics industry since 1975 lends credibility to his expertise in research, development and manufacturing of plastics applications.

Vishu Shah, Consultek
Vishu Shah is an author, instructor, and President of Consultek, a Technical and Management consulting firm for the plastics industry. He is a graduate of UMASS Lowell Plastics Engineering program.

Bob Trinklein, Teknor Color Company
Bob currently works as Color Technology Manager for Teknor Color Company, where his responsibilities include internal and external color education, ERP implementation, corporate quality programs, and the Teknor Color R&D Lab.

Plastics Processing

Andy Routsis, A. Routsis Associates, Inc.
Andy Routsis, founder and president of A. Routsis Associates, Inc. for over 20 years, is an international plastics consultant and is working closely with Polymer Training Limited (UK) in introducing global certification standards to the United States. He is both a graduate and adjunct professor of UMASS Lowell Plastics Engineering.

John Bozzelli, Scienfic Injection Molding
Competent in resin characterization and analysis, John's specialty is practical, hands-on injection molding training with both small and large machines.

Ottmar Brandau, OB Plastics Consulting
Mr. Brandau started out as service engineer for Bekum, Germany and has worked for Husky Injection Molding Systems, Canada and the distributor for Magic mpa, Italy, He has started his own consulting firm in 1997.

Mike Brostedt, Gammaflux
Mike Brostedt is the Director of Market Development for Gammaflux.  He has been with Gammaflux since 1994 and has served the company in a variety of sales and marketing roles.

Bob Hatch
Bob Hatch is one of the leading on-the-spot problem solvers in the molding industry. Currently, he writes articles for Injection Molding Magazine under the pseudonym The Troubleshooter.

Randy Hough
His main emphasis has been CNC EDM and the hand work side of mold making. At present Randy is involved in web site work regarding plastic injection molding/mold making as a means to make use of some of his accumulated knowledge.

Geoffrey Leonard
Geoffrey Leonard is a young Design Engineer working in the plastics packaging industry. He is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT).

Suhas Kulkarni, FIMMTECH
Suhas is the President of FIMMTECH, a consulting firm that specializes in services related to injection molding.

Plastic Materials Information

Brad Cleveland, The Protomold Company
Brad Cleveland has been the president and CEO of The Protomold Company, Inc. since November of 2001. Prior to Protomold he was cofounder and vice president of AeroMet Corporation, a laser additive manufacturing company and subsidiary of MTS Systems Corporation.

Steve Gerbig, DSM Engineering Plastics
With 40 years of experience in the plastics industry, Steve Gerbig has collected a vast amount of expertise in the area of engineering plastics.  Since 1981, Steve has worked within DSM Engineering Plastics as a technical service engineer, market development specialist, product manager, and currently the technical support manager.

Ben Howe, UL IDES
Ben Howe has several years of experience in mechanical engineering and plastic materials expertise. As a content manager for UL IDES, he's responsible for the management of 89498 unique grades of plastic material datasheets.

Dr. Mike Kmetz, UL IDES
Mike Kmetz is the President of IDES. Dr. Kmetz has significant experience in the plastics industry and provides insightful articles that focus on polymer selection.

Nic Maennling, Standards Consultant
Since 1993, Mr. Maennling has been the International Secretary of TC 89. He is a Standards Consultant working out of Lanark, Ontario, Canada.