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Searching for medical plastics

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Dry and Conditioned plastics

RoHS compliance for plastics

How to export my properties

Combining Alternative & Property Search

Comparing plastic curve data

How to do a curve data search

How to Find USP Class VI Rated PP Random Copolymers

Moldable TPU with Durometer Shore A Hardness Requirements

FDA Rated, Transparent PET, Gamma Radiation Sterilizable

Jet Fuel Resistant, Specific Shore Hardness, and -65 to 150°C

30% Glass-Filled PA6, UL94 V-0 Flame Rating

Supply distruption sucks!

Anatomy of a Datasheet

How to find an Agency Rating for a plastic material

How to compare materials from multiple searches

How to find a replacement plastic

How to track down processing data & guides

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How to find bioplastics

How to find an agency rating for a plastic material

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Replacing a Grade with HB or V-0 Flame Rated Material

How to Find & Replace a Discontinued Plastic

Replacing a Plastic for a Pipe Extrusion Project

HDPE, MFI 10-11, Density .96


"I've been using the basic version of Prospector for years and just upgraded to the Property Search.
It's Night & Day ... and
it's a HUGE Time Saver!"

Design Engineer at a Medical Device Manufacturing Company



“The Prospector Materials Database is addictive - there is simply nothing like your product anywhere!”
Michael Sepe,
Internationally Recognized Injection Molding Expert



“Prospector is absolutely the best and most well known database for plastic materials in the world.”
Birgit Elvardt Bader, Micotron